Today: Rome, at the Fantafestival, Italian preview of: “Darkside’s Blood Witches”


“Six innocent women in Northern Italy were found guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake during the Holy Inquisition. Satan’s servant proposes to them the opportunity to avenge the injustice in exchange for their becoming his eternal immortal slaves. In acceptance; the women are brought back to life several centuries later as witches with evil powers that are used to destroy the Church and all who serve it. Father Don Gabriel, a courageous Priest and Exorcist, is sent to investigate numerous mysterious and ritualistic sacrifices in the countryside where the witches dwell. He is forced into the ultimate battle of Good vs. Evil; fighting for control of humanity.”

Marco Di Stefano in the cast, together with Barbara Bouchet, who will join the director Gerard Diefenthal and Anna Orso, Simona Cappia, Mirela David, Angelica Novak, Pino Michienzi Tuesday, June 23, at 20.30, Italian preview of the horror-witchcraft style movie “Darkside Witches” directed by French director Gerard Diefenthal, at the thirty-fifth Fantafestival “Darkside Witches” will present to the public also another great guest: the musician and composer Claudio Simonetti, author of the soundtrack of the film, who will perform live some of the themes of Diefenthal’s horror. Marco di Stefano actor, director of theater and cinema, art director of the festival, consultant of the Cinecitta World will be at the Multiplex Cinema Barberini